It’s About Time

The past two months have been overwhelming.  My home was displaced, my sons and I were constantly sick, there were several snow storms, my car broke down, and then I finally found a new home about a month ago.

I decided to be kind to myself and not demand too much time on anything outside of taking care of my loved ones and moving into my new home.

Living with my friend and her two sons was a blessing and a growth experience.  I never thought I would be in a position like that as an adult, but my sons and I pulled through and now we are in a much better apartment than the one we had before.

I forgot how stressful it is to run a household alone.  I was being spoiled by having another adult in the home to help me stay organized, and now it’s back to just me and the boys.  Yesterday I didn’t finally sit down to relax until 9:30pm, after I had stopped at the library to pick up books for myself and my youngest, fed my sons (multiple times), washed the subsequent dishes (no more dishwasher for me), done a load of laundry, made lunches for today, helped with homework, and got everyone ready for bed.  The good news is that I reached almost 10,000 steps for the day without even trying. The bad news is all I can think about is going back to bed and reading one of my new books.

I am on the road to starting over, and I feel confident about the direction I’m taking. I’m trying to read more, write more, and spend more time outside.  Over the past few months I read several books that I would like to discuss and recommend here. I want to talk more about dieting, but also about an effort to be more creative.

I no longer drive for Uber, though it’s not official.  I have found another way to make money on the side by giving out wine samples at events all over Rhode Island and Massachusetts.  It pays better, only lasts three hours, and is generally a lot more fun.

This is my return to updating my blog and sharing my thoughts with my friendly readers:  other folks who are trying to improve their lives and their relationships with others as well as themselves.  Talk to you soon!




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