Stress? What stress?

I’ve been lucky these past few months, with no major stressful events going on, outside of the usual stressors of teaching and being a single parent. Suddenly the past week is skyrocketing me into a stress universe.

My landlord, from whom I’ve been renting month to month, has found someone to buy our building. Once the paperwork goes through, I will have thirty days to leave. This is stressful for many reasons. I have two young boys to think about! Luckily, their father still lives in the same town so they won’t have to worry about changing schools. I need to find a place for us but I don’t have money for a deposit. I was already hustling with two jobs just to pay my bills.

As it turns out, I was getting a really great deal on rent. I was paying $900 a month for my three bedroom apartment. I looked around and the TWO bedroom apartments in my town go for about $1300 a month. Somehow I’m going to have to come up with another $400 a month when I’m already living paycheck to paycheck.

So far I have come up with a couple of solutions, but neither of them are ideal and they both will definitely be temporary. They both involve my sons spending weeknights with their dad, and for me to live somewhere else. I could either move in with my boyfriend or rent a room somewhere.

Though my boyfriend and I have been together for a few years, the whole moving in together idea is daunting. He lives an hour away and he has custody of four children. On the weekends I would bring my kids to his place and that would be stressful for everyone (though also at times very fun) with 6 kids.

I could move into a single room about 20 minutes away, but that involves living with a stranger. I found a few places open to my situation that are also affordable, but the thought of going from having a nice big apartment to myself to living with a roommate depresses the hell out of me.

My family does not live nearby, so crashing with them is not an option. I’m at a huge crossroads in my life and I’m about to turn 40.

This is a decision that could change my life forever… any advice or opinions (besides borrowing money from anyone, which is not an option) are welcome.


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