Noom Diet Week 2 and Beyond: Sin and Redemption 

I have not written in a few weeks because I have been overwhelmed with teaching. Over the past month and a half I taught on Saturdays as well to help prepare 8th graders for a high school entrance exam. It was good, easy work for good pay but it also put a damper on my weekends and free time, and I was too exhausted to write.

When it comes to cheating on your diet, Noom is like any other plan. If you have too much of the “bad” stuff you won’t lose weight, and you might even gain weight from one night of too much fun. 

The boyfriend and I went to the zombie party and had a blast! We looked great and saw some incredible costumes. We also had a lot to drink and came home to have snacks before bed. My weight only went up about a pound and a half that day,  but we spent that Sunday on the couch. It was a day for recovery and an awful feeling of regret. 

I’m feeling my age lately. I’m going to be 40 in a few months, and gone are the nights of closing a bar and then going out for diner food afterwards. 

We were home before midnight and still felt like garbage the next day. I want to curb my unhealthy habits, and I think Mother Nature is finally making her message clear: healthy habits make you feel great, and unhealthy habits make you feel like crap (especially if you spend most of your time being healthy). 

Over the past few weeks I have only lost a very small amount of weight (about 5 pounds) but the scale is finally going in the right direction. Every time I have a weekend slip up, though it’s lots of fun, it directly affects my weight. I really have to continue to curb my appetite for overindulging. 

I’m finally back on the exercise bike as well. I love to put in a good hour on Saturday mornings while catching up on my favorite shows or listening to music. This helps me with stress more than anything else. If I go too long without exercise, I get very cranky. 

Hopefully I will be able to stay on track this week and my weight will continue to go down. I need to make my health a top priority. I know I am stating the obvious, but writing it down helps me feel more accountable. 

If nothing else, this diet has made me extremely self-reflective about my behavior around food and drink. I’ll check in again soon and let you know how my mission is going. 


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