Noom Diet Days 5 and 6

Zombie English teacher jokes…

I don’t have much to say about these past two days with Noom, except that they were similar to the first few days of the plan.  I lost one pound, which is good, and I didn’t overdo it on wine or snacks when my sweetie came over. This weekend will be a true test, because we will be together a lot and we are going to the Zombie Party at The Dark Lady in downtown Providence. I’m thinking I can eat mostly “green” foods during the day and then have a full glass of water in between each drink at night. I want to have fun and enjoy myself but I don’t want to be sick or overindulgent. 

I did find out that Noom uses SMART goals with its clients, which I really thought was something only teachers did. My SMART goal is to go for a walk during my free period at least twice next week. I guess SMART goals can be applied to pretty much anything. I think I might start applying SMART goals to a lot more aspects of my life! My SMART goal for my 11-year-old is to get him to finish a novel (not a graphic novel) by the end of this month, and if he does it, he will be rewarded. The SMART goal possibilities are endless! 

This weekend I will be partying like the undead and also correcting school work like an undead teacher, but I will be sure to keep you posted!

By the way, if you are interested in trying Noom, please use my special link for 20% off when you sign up here:


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  1. Woo wooo!! This seems like a good plan so far! Do you think it will teach you how to eat better for the long term? You know, for when you want to maintain your weight and go off the plan?


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