Noom Diet Day 4

Down two pounds! That’s encouraging. 

Today’s first Noom lesson started off with an introduction to a woman named Daniella who lost a great deal of weight with the program . There was even a before and after picture. I find it surprising that Noom waits until Day 5 to show a before and after picture, and I’m curious as to the strategy behind this. As you probably know, most weight loss plans show the before and after picture as part of a selling point, but this isn’t so for Noom. 

Daniella provides a pretty generic description to her relationship to Noom, and I think her quote can be applied to a great deal of different diets. However, I do like that her before/after photo is not too extreme. This feels much more doable. 

Our next lesson delved into cravings. We were quizzed on what it is specifically that we crave, and then Noom gave us some ideas for healthier replacements. Again, I feel like these ideas are pretty generic. Can you tell me that no one has ever thought to have low fat chocolate pudding when they were craving chocolate? The app supplies a good deal of handy and easy recipes, however. I’m looking forward to trying the butternut squash soup recipe, which is a 100% “green” meal. 

One thing I’m very nervous about is this weekend. I’m planning on going to a zombie-themed Halloween party where there will be lots of temptations in the form of alcohol. I know I can have a few drinks and stay on my plan, but sometimes the drinks convince me that I deserve a cheeseburger at 12am and there is nothing that anyone can say or do to stop me. I want to have fun, but I also want to be “good”. I’m worrying about this a lot, and I’m wishing that worrying burned calories! 

The zombie party is an exciting event I go to with my boyfriend. We get our makeup professionally done by my good friend Joe Murphy. He’s an amazing artist and truly enjoys his work! I’m attaching a picture of myself from our zombie party two years ago. Please go on his link to check out his work! 

Wish me luck. Any ideas? Please share. How do you go out for drinks and good times but still manage to lose weight? Is it possible? Is there a trick I don’t know about? 


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