Noom Day 2

Yesterday was a dumb day to start a diet. Have you ever had New Haven pizza? American foodies know that New Haven has the best thin crust, brick oven pizza imaginable. I grew up on this pizza, so when I come home to visit every few months, it’s mandatory to stop somewhere for a pie. 

Luckily, according to Noom, today is actually my first day! No big deal about the pizza. 😬 When I logged in, I was asked to weigh myself right away. Shortly afterwards I was “introduced” to my pedometer, which is my phone for now. I have a Fitbit but for some reason I haven’t figured out how to sync it up to the Noom app yet. I took a quiz on how many steps I should be taking a day, which most professional dieters know is 10,000. This could be a tricky accomplishment to do with my phone as I usually wear dresses to school and keep my phone in my purse. 

Yesterday I was introduced to my “group” which is a personalized group of 11 fellow dieters. We are all starting Noom for the first time and have similar goals. I am curious about the kinds of things that will be discussed with my fellow Noomers. 

This morning I took a personality quiz that is designed to help out my “behavior chain”. The quiz is trying to get at why my weight loss efforts have failed in the past, and it seems that there a number of different kinds of trigger groups that we identify with. For example, one of my greatest triggers is a difficult day at work. I want to go home and comfort myself with food and wine. I can manage pretty well when I’m home by myself, but when I am in a social situation (such as a visit from the boyfriend) it’s harder for me to control myself. I’m not sure how Noom is going to help me with this kind of trigger, but it did suggest that I share this discovery I made about myself with my group. 

I’m adding pics here I took of the personality quiz I took, and the “behavior chain” I shared with my group. 


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