Making Furry Friends on a Working Holiday

I almost always have two days off to myself in the fall as my school district observes the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana, yet my sons’ district does not.  I take this opportunity to have some much-needed time to myself, but also to catch up on other responsibilities.  Yesterday I spent the day running errands all over town so that I could have a much more relaxing day today.  

I decided to switch on my Uber app today to try to make some extra money, and I didn’t expect much business.  However, I ended up doing quite well for only a few hours of work.  I had five rides, but all of them were for pretty long distances.  The best part of the day was when I helped a woman who had locked herself out of her apartment while walking her cute little Yorkshire Terrier.  


I had to drive her to Cranston and back, which took about an hour, but it was worth it.  She let me dog-sit for her while she ran inside her friend’s house to find her keys.  I know not all drivers allow their riders to bring their pets, but I couldn’t resist this little guy.  After the ride my customer was even generous enough to give me a $20 tip!  

The only negative thing about today so far is that my son is sitting in his room not talking to me right now.  Every autumn he comes down with what I call the ¨Rosh Hashana Flu¨, because he knows that I am home while he is at school for these few days.  This year, his first in middle school, when I got the call from the nurse I explained the situation to her and that I would not be picking him up early.  Alas, every year shortly after we have the ¨Rosh Hashana Flu¨ we tend to come down with a case of the ¨Rosh Hashana Simmering Resentment¨.

I hope your Friday was fun, and that you get to enjoy some time outside this weekend!


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